Establishing Pars Institute of Spinal Surgery has been a long held dream of Pars hospital spine surgeons, a dream which has remained unfulfilled thus far for a number of the reasons. Although, Pars hospital is the home to a large number of brilliant spine surgeons, this community has yet to claim its rightful scientific and educational place in the region, despite tremendous scientific potential in spinal surgery, This institute can turn into a training hub in Iran and the region and offer services both to the young colleagues as well as the Iranian patients and the patients of other countries.


Pars institute of Spinal surgery and research has had more than one thousands spinal surgery in the last year. Therefore ,this great number of surgeries is a source of scientific papers now and in the future.It is noteworthy that only in 2013 till October 13 papers have been appeared in spine journal.Many research are conducting now and one research has appeared in an spine journal and three other presented in congresses. High quality of the surgeries have always attracted young fellows for participating or observing the surgeries. We have provided opportunity for young spine surgeons to discuss their problem cases with us and tap into their wealth of experience.


Pars hospital has facilitated 9 operating room and it is not surprising that four or five spinal surgeries can be done in the same time We are equipped with modern endoscope, three surgical microscope, three fluoroscopy apparatus and the best instruments. This institute is supported by Imaging department with1.5 Tesla MRI, 64 and 16,Spiral CT, and the best digital radiological equipments, Department of Radiotherapy with two Linac Radiotherapy, physiotherpy and rehabilitation ward with electromyography and Evoked potential facilities.


Pars hospital is surrounded by a number of hotels, With Hotel Spinas and Laleh Hotel the most famous 5 star ones, Hotel Boulevard, Kosar Hotel in walking distance from the hospital.
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			Boulevar Hotel

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  • Specialty: neuro spine surgery Dr.A.Rahimizadeh
  • Specialty: neuro spine surgery Dr.P.Habibolahzadeh
  • Specialty: neuro spine surgery Dr.K.Rastegar
  • Specialty: neuro spine surgery Dr.R.Mollahoseini
  • Specialty: neuro spine surgery Dr.Kamali